NE571D. Circuito integrado comparador doble SMD

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NE571D. Circuito integrado comparador doble. SMD capsula SOP16


The SA571 is a versatile low cost dual gain control circuit in which either channel may be used as a dynamic range compressor or expandor. Each channel has a full-wave rectifier to detect the average value of the signal, a linerarized temperature-compensated variable gain cell, and an operational amplifier.
The SA571 is well suited for use in cellular radio and radio communications systems, modems, telephone, and satellite broadcast/receive audio systems.


  • Complete compressor and expandor in one IChip
  • Temperature compensated
  • Greater than 110dB dynamic range
  • Operates down to 6VDC
  • System levels adjustable with external components
  • Distortion may be trimmed out
  • Dynamic noise reduction systems
  • Voltage-controlled amplifier